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Residentials 2024

We are excited to offer a range of Residential Camps to our programme in 2024. With exceptional feedback from 2023 and delivering 2 outstanding camps, we wanted to extend our programme in 2024.

The Camps:

  1. Easter Camp, 3-5th April, Prior Park

  2. Malvern 3 Day Residential 24-26th July - Designed for those playing in the TA Festival

  3. Malvern 5 Day Camp 24th-28th July

  4. Malvern 5 Day Camp 12-16th August

  5. Queens Taunton Pre-Season Camp 27th-29th August

Please Read through the information, and Book Below.

If you are unsure of what parents and players thought, check out the testimonials below. 

Within the Residential camps, we have a 'Talent' and a 'Performance' Camp. The Talent is aimed at players going into school years 7-8, and the Performance is aimed at players going into 9-11 in September 2024.

We invite players along that are at club and school level along with those attending County and Talent Academies. Players will be worked according to their ability, and stretched appropriately. 

Unlike many of the other Residential's we do a number of unique things: 

1, Bring Internationals along, we had GB Players: Lily Owsley and Grace Balsdon along to Malvern in 2023.

2, Give Free access to our Performance Hockey Coach App, over 35 Hours of content, which has helped thousands of players. 

3, We have run Day camps for 10+ years, so have a formula that is proven, tried and tested.

4, The staff we work with are often some of the best, Top players, Coaches and Parents too, (I am a Dad) and understand what the off-pitch environment should look like.

5, We use top venues, Malvern and Taunton offer incredible facilities and are easy to access from many directions.

You can pay a 50% Deposit, using the code: DEPOSIT. The remaining balance will be due 6-8 weeks before the camp.

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Top Players

You can learn from Adam Dixon, Felix Denayer and

Lily Owsley within the PHC App.

Distinguish yourself as a top player, building from your on-pitch activities to learning at home, on the go and remotely. 

Over 4500 players have downloaded the PHC App. We have 35 hours of content, and outstanding video resources to guide you as a player and parent. 

Why are these dates great?

We have hand-picked the dates to accommodate players wanting to prepare for events, games and trials. 

The Easter Camp is a great chance ahead of End of Season Tournaments such as regional finals, and playoffs.

It also helps players with consolidating themselves into Talent Academies and also Academy Centres, and Development Centre Trials that take place in April/May.

We know many players want to keep playing as the season comes to quite an abrupt end, so here is the best opportunity for this.

The Summer dates are perfect, why? We know that the TA (Talent Academy Festival) falls onto the 28th-31st July. Additionally the Repton Cup is due to be the 29th July, so players can prepare for these events. 

Our mid-August and end of August Camps are the perfect recipe for start of the season, TA trials and assessments along with county, school and club preparation. 

Proven Results

Matt has worked with the finest young players within the UK, in-fact the most amount of Junior Internationals, and Junior International triallists within the UK. Players like Evie Grindal, Jake Edwards, Clemmie Houlden, Ellis Robson have all benefitted from his technical expertise along with 25+ others and hundreds of aspiring players too. 

Evie Grindal.png

Evie Grindal

England U16/18



Both of the venues, Malvern College, and the Queens College Taunton offer outstanding facilities, including beautiful boarding houses, safe and secure sites, great food and catering and also easy to access from many directions. 

The Malvern Camps, often fall inline with other events on site, which makes for a great 'buzz' around the campus. 

Off-pitch activities include swimming, dodgeball, quizzes, movie nights and more. 


We award prizes each day for top campers, along with prizes at the end of the camps for overall outstanding players. We also have the team prizes for collective activities throughout the time with us. 

All players will also get a Free T-hirt and goodies. 


1. Where do children stay?

We have a variety of venues, including, Bath, Malvern and Taunton. At all venues children will stay on site, in boarding houses. These boarding houses/accommodation are secure, with either key-codes or swipe cards which staff have access to only. 

2. Sleeping/Rooms

We have access to single, double and dorms with multiple beds. So if siblings/friends want to share or larger groups want to form a dorm that is fine, and also for older players single rooms are available. I take a lot of care and time to organise this with the guidance of parents. 

We also separate older and younger players in different sections or floors.

3. Lights Off, Rules and behaviour

Within house and as a whole we expect players to be polite, adhere to the rules and respect staff. Whilst we want all players to have the most fun - for which they will there need to be some guidelines and expectations. 

Lights off, typically 09.30, slightly later for the older players. 

Phones - We expect players to bring phones to communicate with parents, but we expect these to used in periods of down-time predominantly. We reserve the right to confiscate phones if they are being used in the wrong and inappropriate manor. Lights off - phones away absolutely. 

Poor behaviour, disruption, repeat 'offences' - whilst unlikely to happen we adopt a 3 strikes rule, this simply means if we have to remind and repeat players of their actions that cause disruption, we will have no option but to call home explain and come up with a solution to put a stop to it.

4. Food

All food is provided, depending on the location it can vary, - but hot lunches and evening meals is expected, with continual and hot breakfasts provided too.

5. Downtime

Evening activities take up most of the off-pitch time, such as: Cinema night, Quizzes, swimming, ice-breakers and so forth. There will be some opportunities for down-time, which is normally after hockey, before evening meals and just after, before activities start at around 19.30.

6. Coaches

Coaches are hand-picked from our large pool, and many are Teachers, full-time coaches, high-level players and Parents. They all have an enhanced DBS and safeguarding training. The safeguarding lead is Myself (Matt Fairburn).

7. International Players

We will have top Great Britain players, and other World-Class Players with us, such as Lily Owsley, Ollie Willars and players representing clubs in the Domestic Top leagues. 

8. Hockey

Expect 4-6 hours of hockey each day, with players in their Talent and Performance Groups. (There is flexibility for movement up and down).

9. Duke of Edinburgh 

If older players would like to use the camp as a part of the DofE - this is fine, we have three players in 2023 complete this via our skills camps. 

10. Day option

If you live locally to the venues we would love you just for the day option if you would like. 

Residential Camps




Dear Matt,

Many thanks for your email. 

I just want to say what a fantastic week of hockey (and apres hockey!) Gwen had. She has been buzzing since she got home and clearly had a fabulous 5 days. I think she loved every bit of her time at Malvern. With many thanks to you and all the team for all your efforts; particularly for the incredible coaching and for making the entire week fun! 

With best wishes, 




Salome had a great time, and obviously loves hockey.  It is great she has great role models in yourself, the other coaches and the Lily and Grace who made an appearance. 


It is great to see Salome being inspired, and thank you for your hard work.  She will be back next year.

IMG_8974 2.HEIC


I just wanted to say Ame had a brilliant time at the residential and is really taking a lot of pride in everything she learnt. She was desperate to get out on a Astro and show us her skills!


It’s clear the camp was a complete success and Ame is keen to go again next summer! The coaching, facilities, staff, accommodation, and food were brilliant, so thank you all.



Hi Matt

Well that was a brilliant week for Lucy!

She loved all the hockey, the up time, the down time, ate the food-that’s a plus for quite a fussy eater! Made some friends, survived living with emme and all the early mornings AND wants to come back!

Am sure we will see you somewhere again soon but thank you for a great week.




Ps I haven’t had the opportunity to e-mail you before but Summer absolutely loved the residential camp. I didn’t hear from her the whole time she was there-  so I thought she must be having a good time! Turns out I was right, as the first thing she said when she saw me was “book me in for next year!”

IMG_8974 2.HEIC


Hi Matt & Team


Tina Salmon has asked me to contact you on her behalf to thank you re your residential course last week. It was a great success and Mason thoroughly enjoyed it and is already practising some new skills.


Tina has signed Mason up again for next year for the first week (29th July-2nd Aug.)

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